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Transforming Villages

This past month has been a very fruitful time for Continents for Christ! Coming into the new year, we saw a Pygmy tribe dedicate their lives to Jesus and begin regular discipleship. Our partner in Uganda, Pastor Michael, has been meeting with them to teach, disciple, and provide Biblical resources to help steward their growth in the Lord. This village in particular has currently been facing several challenges, one being a dispute over land ownership and discrimination as a people group. As a result, they are displaced and cannot own land where they can grow their own food. This has created an extremely difficult situation for the Batwa people with poverty and starvation a severe reality without help and support. As a way to support and uplift the Batwa people, CFC has been able to generate a monthly food program until a long-term solution is implemented.

In addition to this village, CFC has been supporting the discipleship and growth of two other communities located in the Southwestern part of Uganda, Kanyambeho village and Kameme village. With the help of our supporters and partners, Kameme village received seeds of rice, maize, and beans. Each bag of seed will make a significant impact of the families. In addition, Kanyambeho village has received 18 pigs for the purpose of breeding and multiplying in order to help alleviate poverty. All three villages consistently receive discipleship as well as Bibles for new believers. It has been an exciting time for these communities and we are getting to see first-hand transformation as the Gospel takes root and multiplies. Thanks to Pastor Michael and his team, these communities are growing in their faith and getting regular training in the Word of God.

Looking on to later this year to October, Continents for Christ will be bringing a team of seasoned teachers and ministers to this area of Uganda. They will have the opportunity to teach and minister in a 4-day conference to pastors and leaders working in these parts of the nation. Along with hosting a conference, they will be able to visit the Batwa people group in Kihembe village. In addition to this teaching conference, the CFC team will also do door-to-door evangelism, preaching in several churches, and teaching focused for women in these villages. The team is looking forward to their time in Uganda and are meeting regularly in prayer and fellowship to prepare for the trip. Please pray for them as they continue to prepare and plan for their time in Uganda.

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