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Food Distribution

Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shut down travel and closed churches in many nations around the world, Continents for Christ has stayed active by distributing food in the nations we are currently serving in. In Southwestern Uganda, Southern Thailand, and Central India, we have distributed food to vulnerable and impoverished people, including elderly, widows, families, and single mothers. The distribution has been a 1-month supply of food for people, which will hopefully help alleviate any economic constraints brought on by the pandemic.

As we have handed out food, we have had the opportunity to share the Gospel. We have seen 132 people decide to believe in Jesus Christ in three separate villages. While the pandemic has caused hardship on many people, it is also creating opportunity for people to open themselves up to the reality of God in their lives. Please pray that as we distribute food, God will move powerfully and many be hungry to hear about Jesus and give their lives to him.

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