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Module 5- Other Practical Ways to Ask for Financial Support


There are other practical ways to ask instead of doing my text message and email method. 

  1. In person – I did mention this, but I want to reiterate it.  Some people need an in-person, direct ask.  This includes older generations (if necessary), close family members, close friends, your pastor, and any other relationships where it would be disrespectful not to ask them directly to their face.

  2. Letter – In older times, missionaries would write letters asking for support if they could not meet in person.  This letter would be similar to my email method.  This method can still be popular with older generations.  Since most people don’t get a personal letter anymore in today’s world, this could be a unique way to ask people.  I would only write letters if these people are far away from you, and this should be supplementing any local direct asks.  You can find examples of “missionary support raising letters” by searching on Google.

  3. Social media – You can do a simple ask on social media, including Facebook or Instagram.  I don’t really like this because I’m not great with social media.  There are also a lot of giving requests on social media that I think most Christians tune them out.  However, you could still get some supporters this way.

  4. Giving Wall – Again, if you’re great with social media, this is a cleverer way to ask on social media.  You can see an example below.  Here you are inviting people to take a box.  Each box consists of a certain amount of money, corresponding to your overall need.  You keep updating the giving box over time to show what boxes have been taken already.  I have seen missionaries do this annually.  So every year, you make a new giving box.

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