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Do you have stocks that you wish to donate to Continents For Christ?  CFC has a brokerage account that can legally receive donated stocks.  Donating stocks to CFC not only helps you advance God’s Kingdom globally, it enables you to reduce your capital gains taxes while also earning a tax deduction for your donation.

Please look at the below information and complete the form at the bottom of this page.  Note that donating stocks is different from Donor Advised Funds.  We can also receive Donor Advised Funds.

What Qualifies as Donated Stocks?

Right now, CFC is only accepting publicly traded securities.

What Do We Do with the Donated Stocks?

Upon receipt of donated stocks, CFC will decide on whether to retain the stocks in our brokerage account or to liquidate and transfer the cash to our normal banking account.  By default, CFC will liquidate the assets and transfer the cash.  You can designate the donation to a specific fund or allow us to designate it to the most critical areas of need for our ministry.

Process for Donating Stocks

  1.  Complete the informational form on this page and we will contact you.

  2.  We will send you a letter of instruction that includes our brokerage account and all information necessary to complete the donation.

  3.  You will need to send the form and/or contact your brokerage account to make the donation.  Your brokerage firm may have other forms for you to complete.

  4.  Once we receive your donation, we will send you a donation receipt.

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