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Scott & Karen

Pastor Scott: A Devoted Servant of Christ Committed to Zao Rock Ministries

Hello, my name is Scott, and together with my wife, Karen, we are deeply committed to our ministry, Zao Rock. My journey of faith began in Taiwan, where I was born. At the age of 13, I moved to California and grew up there. However, ten years ago, in our 30s, Karen and I felt a divine calling to return to Taiwan as missionaries.

During our second year back in Taiwan, we started noticing an influx of missionaries who had settled in Taiwan due to rising dangers in the countries they originally served. Seeing their need to understand the local culture and people, we quickly established Zao Rock (meaning "lively" in Hebrew). Our ministry aims to help these missionaries acclimate to Taiwan so they can effectively fulfill the missions God has placed on their hearts.

Through Zao Rock, many missionaries have achieved surprising and impactful results. The Lord has not only used our ministry to welcome and support missionaries and pastors from various nations but also to bring blessings to Taiwan from overseas ministries. The scale of our work has exceeded our wildest imaginations.

Due to the relationships and networks we have developed over the years, God is now sending us to minister in the Philippines, China, and even Israel through messianic pastors. The scope of our ministry has expanded so significantly that we can no longer sustain it without financial support.

Your generous donation will help us continue to support missionaries, expand our reach, and further God's work in Taiwan and beyond. With your help, we can provide the resources, training, and support these missionaries need to thrive in their calling. Your contribution will directly impact lives and spread God's love to many more people.

Please join us in this journey of faith and service. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to achieving our vision of a world transformed by Christ's love. Together, we can make a lasting difference in our community and the world.

Thank you for considering supporting our mission. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity and kindness.

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Scott and Karen

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