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At CFC we believe that prayer is the most important of all support.  Prayer invades the impossible!  Prayer opens up a conduit between us and our Heavenly Father.  We need prayer partners committed to pray for CFC often and regularly.  Pray support ensures that we are in the spiritual fight daily.  CFC also needs generous finacial donors.  

So much ministry is happening around the world and daily God servants are under an assault from the forces of darkness bent on trivializing the lives of so many called to eternity.  

Our 3 main prayer requests:


Protection - Please pray that the Lord will continually protect CFC and the local churches that we minister to.  The locations that CFC ministers in are often areas that churches face frequent and significant persecution from the government and local community.


Vision - Please ask the Lord for an increase in clarity and strategy for where CFC ministers.  There is a great demand for training pastors in rural, developing communities, but CFC needs to be sensitive to where the Lord wants us to be.

Growth of churches - As we continue to train pastoral leadership overseas, please pray for the continued growth and maturity of the pastors and churches that we minister to.  CFC is committed to seeing not only more pastors trained for the purpose of discipleship but true maturity and sustainable growth in these communities.

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