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Do you have any goods or professional services that you wish to offer Continents For Christ?  These donations can help advance God’s Kingdom globally while also earning you a tax deduction.  Please read the below information and acomplete the form at the bottom of this page.

What are In-Kind Donations?

In-Kind Donations are non-monetary donations, such as goods or professional services.  These donations are tax-deductible.  Some examples of donated goods are cars, technology items, and even buildings.  Examples of donated professional services include consulting or various labor costs.  While goods and services can be donated to specific causes or funds, they are expected to be given without “strings attached”.

What are We Looking For?

CFC is looking for in-kind donations that fit our needs as a ministry and organization.  We are often looking for the following in-kind donations:

  • Goods – technology and media devices; vehicles; real estate; and other goods to benefit our Seattle headquarters and missionaries

  • Professional Services – accounting, marketing, website, and other relevant professional services

How the Process Works

  1.  Complete the informational form on this page.

  2.   Continents For Christ will contact you back to gather more information.  CFC will also send you an in-kind donation form via email to complete.

  3.  We will need to evaluate the worth and value of the proposed in-kind donation.  The fair market value will need to be agreed upon in writing on the form.  Unfortunately, if we don’t have need of that good or service, we cannot accept it.

  4.  An agreement form will be signed by both you and CFC.

  5.  CFC will then send you an acknowledgement form for your tax purposes.

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