Continents For Christ is an international Christian missionary organization focused on bringing regional impact to masses of people in strategic underserved or unreached nations and people groups


1)  We are committed to going to rural villages to help empower, equip, and train Christian leaders and pastors in their communities.

2)  We bring small teams to pray and worship as a catalyst for strategic evangelism in key areas so the Gospel can gain momentum.


We believe in the importance of working with leaders from many backgrounds that share a common heart to see men and women raised up as godly leaders and passionate followers of Jesus Christ. To learn more, read our Statement of Faith.



Continents For Christ has spent several years in countries throughout East Africa.  We are largely focused on training local pastors and church leaders, conducting crusades to reach people who do not know Jesus Christ, and serving the local communities with social support via food and education.  CFC routinely supports rural churches with Bibles in their local languages for pastors and local Christians, many of whom have never owned their own Bible.

East Africa

Continents For Christ has also spent several years in South and South East Asia, particularly in India and Thailand.  We predominantly train local pastors and leaders in rural Thai communities

South East Asia

Seattle, Washington, USA

Continents For Christ is currently based out of Seattle, Washington and desires to expand the ministry to reach local areas. While we are passionate about going to the Nations, we also understand that there is great need locally where we live.


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