CFC Training & Equipping Leaders Globally

At Continents For Christ, our focus and commitments is to teach, train, develop and raise up men and women for kingdom service.  Our training curriculum is meant to be a mobile classroom on wheels.  Instead of pastors and ministry leaders traveling to schools for leadership training, we bring the training to those that lack the necessary training and means to make an impact in their area for the Kingdom of God.

CFC Africa
Continents for Christ has spent several years in countries throughout East Africa.  We are largely focused on training local pastors and church leaders, conducting crusades to reach people who do not know Jesus Christ, and serving the local communities with social support via food and education.  CFC routinely supports rural churches with Swahili Bibles for pastors and local Christians, many of whom have never owned their own personal Bible.  

CFC Asia
Continents for Christ has also spent several years in South and South East Asia, particularly in India and Thailand.  Much like Tanzania, in SE Asia CFC is focused on Thailand.  We predominantly train local pastors and leaders in rural Thai communities.

Training Curriculum

Continents for Christ conducts 1-2 weeks of Bible-based, Christ-focused, Spirit-led leadership training called D.E.P.T.H.S. (Developing Empowered Passionate Transformed Humble Servants for Christ) for pastors, leaders, local churches and all others in kingdom service that lack the training they deserve.  DEPTHS also provides Bibles, training materials and other needed resources to leaders/churches who lack the resources to be better equipped for the work that they have been called to do.

DEPTHS Philosophy:   “Before one can lead, one must learn how to walk”.  
Before we can become leaders of men, we ourselves must learn how to walk in the ways of Christ.  As leaders, we must know the ways of Christ.  We must learn, know, meditate, study, memorize, imitate and put into action the leadership life that Jesus Christ demonstrated for us. At Continents for Christ, we believe that pastors and leaders are to become developed, empowered, passionate, transformed, humble servants for Christ (DEPTHS).  DEPTHS teaching is designed to be practical and completely biblical, focusing on the most needed areas of ministry.

These are: (1) Knowledge of the Word of God (2) Biblical character formation(3) Ministry/leadership development (4) Empowered & equipped to lead, teach, train (disciple), and make an impact in their areas for the Kingdom of God.

The 7 Walks of the Christian Life, by Pastor Blaine Yeager 
Session One: - Walk in Christ 
Session Two: - Walk in Faith 
Session Three: - Walk in the Spirit 
Session Four: - Walk in Love 
Session Five: - Walk Worthy 
Session Six: - Walk in the Light 
Session Seven: - Walk in Wisdom 

How to Live, Lead, and Love Like Jesus, by Pastor Blaine Yeager 
Section One: - Why was Jesus the “perfect” leader? 
Section Two: - Humility 
Section Three: - Our will verses His will. 
Section Four: - Follow the leader. 
Section Five: - Forgiveness
Section Six: - Love 

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