At Continents For Christ, our focus and commitment is to teach, train, develop, and raise up men and women for

kingdom service.

teaching & training

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Our training curriculum is meant to be a mobile classroom on wheels.  Instead of pastors and ministry leaders traveling to schools for leadership training, we bring the training to those that normally cannot access the necessary training and means to make an impact in their area for the Kingdom of God.

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Our primary mission is to train and equip Christian leaders in communities that do not normally have access to strong Biblical training.  Within these communities, we also can hold evangelism crusades, preaching in local churches, and community development through various mercy ministries, such as Bible and food distribution.


Our training curriculum is centered on the Word of God and custom-made in light of the needs of the leaders we are ministering to.  Our teaching often focuses on these 4 key areas: knowledge of the Word of God; Biblical character formation; ministry and leadership development; and empowerment to impact their areas for the Kingdom of God.  We strive to equip believers with anointed, practical, and engaging teaching.


Continents For Christ is focused on ministering in locations where most missions organizations and local churches do not travel to minister to.  We often focus on ministering on rural communities, but we also teach in urban areas that are not reached.


As an organization, we send small teams to one nation for 2-4 weeks at a time.  Within this time period, we travel to multiple communities for 2-4 days at a time that have been highlighted through prayer and our local contact working with the churches in that region.  A typical teaching day could consist of half-day or all-day teachings.  After we leave, we hope to maintain contact with the local leaders to discuss follow up, discipleship, and even a return date in the future.


Continents For Christ conducts 1-2 weeks of Bible-based, Christ-focused, Spirit-led leadership training called D.E.P.T.H.S. (Developing Empowered Passionate Transformed Humble Servants for Christ) for pastors, leaders, local churches and all others in kingdom service that lack the training they deserve.  DEPTHS also provides Bibles, training materials and other needed resources to leaders/churches who lack the resources to be better equipped for the work that they have been called to do.